Learn more about volunteering

Hi, I'm Linda, a volunteer advocate. I'm here to tell you how you can join me as a Volunteer.

All it takes is a warm and friendly personality.  You’ll like people and have a desire to support them to get their voices heard. You probably already have some skills from other parts of your life, caring for a family member, having experience of filling out forms or claiming benefits.

But none of this is essential as you will receive training in the values, principles and skills of advocacy from our own in house trainer and you will be supported until you are ready to work alone. Lots of our clients lack confidence, are learning disabled or have some difficulty in speaking or writing for themselves.

So what can you expect?   In addition to gaining new skills or developing the ones you have, you will:

  • Receive three days of training
  • Joining a really friendly and very experienced team of advocates and volunteers
  • Receive supervision on a 1:1 basis and in groups
  • Opportunities to attend volunteer network groups to share knowledge and experience
  • Be giving a very valuable resource to the community by helping our clients to be heard so they can continue to take part in their own lives.

So will you join me?

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** Sorry we do not have any volunteering opportunities at present**