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Cancer, Older People & Advocacy

No one in Oxfordshire aged 50+ needs to face cancer alone. Through one to one advocacy support our aim is to help you resolve issues or difficulties, cancer related or not, to improve your quality of life. We can help through our Community Advocacy service on a range of issues including treatment and care, social, financial and employment related.  Our support on average is up to 6 months but we are flexible about this and may support for longer periods.


We are here for anyone who is aged 50 or over who has been affected by cancer, either as a patient or family member, friend or carer. We can help with those things you are worried about, allowing you to focus on your health and well-being, particularly if you are feeling unwell and undergoing or recovering from cancer treatment

Role of an Advocate

Our volunteer advocates are specially trained, supervised and supported to:

  • Give time and listen
  • Offer support and understanding
  • Find relevant information and explain it
  • Help you make choices
  • Help you speak up
  • Look into practical support

Benefits of Advocacy

Our advocates will support you to:

  • Express your views
  • Ask for what you want or need
  • Obtain services and benefits to which you are entitled
  • Stand up for your interests
  • Safeguard your entitlements

Practically this support could include:

  • Supporting you to prepare for and attend medical appointments
  • Taking notes during appointment & assisting you to ask questions and follow-up afterwards
  • Helping you get advice from experts and to find out about any practical help available

E.g. support to make a call to the Macmillan helpline to get advice on your finances

  • Taking the time to listen to the issues affecting you and supporting you to reflect on these issues and make informed choices and decisions about treatment and care

Client Feedback

“Having a volunteer with me at appointments just made all the difference in the world… because I didn’t have to be Rosie the nurse, Rosie the patient, Rosie the carer, Rosie the anything. I could just focus on me and what people were saying to me, knowing Linda was writing stuff down and if I got it wrong she could talk it through. She was also able to help me challenge and if it hadn’t been for Linda being there, I think I might have ended up having completely the wrong treatment for me”

Rosie - retired nurse living with cancer

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