Supporting Barton residents over the age of 50 who need help with GP appointments at Bury Knowle (now Hedena Health) or Manor Surgeries:


Getting older with a health condition isn’t always easy, particularly if you live on your own without family or friends to help and need to attend appointments at your local NHS Health Centre. Our specially trained volunteer advocates are there to support you with these appointments and can assist with:

  • Booking appointments
  • Remembering appointments
  • Travelling to and from your Health Centre
  • Telling your Health Practitioner everything you want to
  • Remembering what you have been told afterwards
  • Collecting your prescriptions

How can you contact us?

Ask your GP to refer you, or speak to the receptionist at your surgery or contact us yourself

01865 230203

Please call us between 9am and 5pm - Monday to Friday


Email your name & contact details